How to use Keeper

Keeper is simple and attractive, making it easy to use and quick to adopt. Set your organisational parameters, choose the regulatory change and you are good to go. With its step-by-step approach you are in control of the workflow from start to finish. Gap. Comply. Close. It’s that simple.

Step 1. Choose regulatory change(s)

Choose from the available regulatory changes the one(s) for which you want to find out the changes compared to current regulations.

Step 2: Specify your organisation

Keeper asks you a few questions to get to know your type of organisation, service provision and clients.

Step 3: Gaps

Keeper creates a dashboard with the gaps and non-gaps for your organisation and provides you insight in the changes between the current and new legislation.

Step 4: Gap motivation

Each norm contains information about the type of delta (norm is not changed, norm is amended, or norm is new) and a motivation.

Step 5: Closing the gaps

Per gap, tasks can be created to delegate actions within the organisation. Gaps or tasks can also get priority and deadlines to track project progress. In Keeper, significant actions have to be checked by a controlling user.

Step 6: Reporting

Detailed reports of the gaps and non-gaps for a particular regulatory change, as well as management reports for more than one regulatory change can be created in Excel and Pdf file types.

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The Fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive, PSD II, the Shareholders’ Rights Directive, just to name a few… Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations in the financial sector. Get Keeper today and start immediately with the implementation of new regulations and monitor its progress. Gap. Close. Comply. It’s that simple.

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