Your compliance should be in order. For your clients for the supervisory authorities and for your own peace of mind. Keeper helps you to be in control and to uphold your reputation.

"Say goodbye to tedious compliance tasks, because this is definitely a keeper!"

Keeper benefits

Data doing the work

Throw away the Excel spreadsheet! Answer simple questions about your organisation and let Keeper do the work. The database performs the gap analysis on the regulatory change of your choice. The output shows the gaps that your organisation needs to close.

Detecting change

Conquer the challenges that regulatory changes bring from the beginning. Keeper informs you about changes during a regulatory change project. It provides simple task-management to follow-up on detected changes.

Evidence storage

Email tasks to colleagues. Ask your colleagues to provide evidence of a finished task. Save evidence in Keeper. Then, ask a controlling colleague to confirm that the gap has been closed. Compliant, check!

Keeper benefits
Keeper benefits

Powerful reporting

Generate reports with the information you need. Keeper generates management reports to inform CEOs about the overall status, and detailed reports to chase colleagues to finish their tasks with approaching deadlines.

Success rates

Increase the success of organisational compliance. Users with different roles complement each other in the process. As a team, you impress the outside world with your performance.

User experience

A user experience that encourages your organisation to comply. Delight your colleagues with short and crispy overviews. Keep them focused and engaged as they progress, one gap at a time. As easy as you wish for.

Gap. Close. Comply. It's that simple.

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The Fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive, PSD II, the Shareholders’ Rights Directive, just to name a few… Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations in the financial sector. Get Keeper today and start immediately with the implementation of new regulations and monitor its progress.