About Keeper

Keeper is developed for and by financial professionals. The people behind Keeper are Charco & Dique, specialists in financial legislation and regulations. With a detailed knowledge of the law Charco & Dique helps their clients to mitigate the ever-changing rules and regulations with both consultancy and tooling.

Charco & Dique offers a wide range of online applications that support lawyers, compliance officers and risk managers in their daily practice. Where Ruler informs you about the relevant legal framework and future changes, Keeper supports you in implementing amended and new laws.


"Keeper is a welcome addition to any compliance cycle."

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MiFID II, AVG/GDPR, IDD, PSD II, just to name a few… Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations in the financial sector. Get Keeper today and start immediately with the implementation of new regulations and monitor its progress. Gap. Close. Comply. It’s that simple.