Keeper compliant

keeper - the regulatory tool
that keeps you compliant

Keeper provides insight in regulatory changes and allows you to stay compliant with new laws. Keeper ensures that your organisation can keep track of activities needed to comply with upcoming regulations in time.

Current available regulations:

  • 4 and 5 AML (July 2018; January 2020)
  • Shareholders’ Rights Directive (June 2019)
  • Pan European Pension Product Regulation (2021)
  • And many other regulations that have already entered into force,
    but that are still available in case you are not fully compliant yet
    (e.g. GDPR, MiFID II, Benchmark Regulation).

In addition, Keeper may also offer other regulatory changes (than the above mentioned) on request. Please let us know for what specific regulatory change you would like to conduct a gap analysis in Keeper and we will let you know if we offer the particular regulatory change in Keeper.

Keeper provides a detailed overview of the requirements
of new legislation

Keeper simplifies the challenge of managing the road to compliance. Keeper alerts you when new information on a regulatory change is available. Keeper enables reporting on management and executive levels.

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Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations in the financial sector. Get Keeper today and start immediately with the implementation of new regulations and monitor its progress. Gap. Close. Comply. It’s that simple.