Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Keeper. For specific questions you can contact us at +31 (0)20 416 54 03.

For whom is Keeper?

Keeper is for financial institutions that have a licence (requirement) and are subsequently supervised by the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and/or the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), who want insight in upcoming regulatory changes.

What is Keeper?

Keeper enables you to map the deltas of regulatory changes that are relevant for your organisation in a structured and a clarifying way. Keeper gives you insight and overview in the differences between the current norms and the new norms, to support you in taking the necessary measures to stay compliant timely. Keeper also enables you to delegate actions within your organisation and to monitor the process.

How up to date is Keeper?

Keeper monitors and processes news and publications from different sources, such as Dutch and European supervisory authorities and branch organisations. If new information is available, the relevant additions are employed by Keeper as soon as possible to provide you the most current insight and status.

How accessible is Keeper?

Keeper is an online application that you can access anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The access is provided by means of a personal account, which can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A user can have the analysing role or controlling role (or both) in Keeper. Both roles have different user rights, so that each user is given the user rights that correspond to his or her responsibilities.

Which regulatory changes are covered by Keeper?

Examples include:

  • 4 and 5 AML (July 2018; January 2020)
  • Shareholders’ Rights Directive (June 2019)
  • Pan European Pension Product Regulation (2021)
  • And many other regulations that have already entered into force, but that are still available in case you are not fully compliant yet (e.g. GDPR, MiFID II, Benchmark Regulation).

In addition, Keeper may also offer other regulatory changes (than the above mentioned) on request. Please let us know for what specific regulatory change you would like to conduct a gap analysis in Keeper and we will let you know if we offer the particular regulatory change in Keeper.

How secure is Keeper?

The Keeper website is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and possesses a security certificate (Thawte). Therefore, you will access Keeper via the https-website.

Which parties exploit and own Keeper?

Keeper is part of Ruler B.V.. Besides, Keeper uses the knowledge and experience of Charco & Dique. Charco & Dique is specialised in financial supervision laws and the application of these laws to a wide range of financial organisations. Finally, Keeper cooperates with Evolution36 for the IT-infrastructure and the programming code.

How much does Keeper cost?

Keeper uses an initial subscription fee and an additional monthly fee for updates. Minimal subscription period is 6 months. The fee is based on a maximum of 25 users (additional users are possible upon request). The fee is available upon request.

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